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High Temp Insulation

Buckeye Mechanical Insulation has the experience and tools to complete your project on-time and within budget. From ceramic coating to fiberglass applications to foam, glass, or calcium silicate.

We have the know-how to do it right!

Low Temp Insulation

From food processing to cold storage, we have helped our customers achieve the highest value available. All of our PVC jacketing is installed to USDA requirements and can be labeled any way you would like. When insulating on roof tops, metal jacketing is an effective option, whether stainless steel or aluminum. We also specialize in VentureTape/Polyguard and other external jacketing products.

Ceramic Spray Insulation

Buckeye Mechanical Insulation is a certified installer of Temp-Coat 101, commonly referred to as Ceramic Spray. Buckeye Mechanical Insulation is an authorized distributor of Temp Coat brand products.

Ductwork Insulation

Ductwork Insulation can insulate any size of ductwork you have. It can be round, rectangular, or irregular in shape. Our material is high strength, non- combustible and mold-resistant. We also ensure a high degree of sound proofing, along with insulation.

Blanket Insulation

Removable Blankets are a cost effective way to insulate valves, flanges, and motors that are not commonly insulated due to high maintenance frequency. We can make them affordable so you can protect heat loss, personnel, and equipment.

Energy Appraisals

With todays fuel costs, you can't afford to throw dollars out the window by leaving valves, flanges, and tanks uninsulated. Schedule an Energy Audit to evaluate your heat loss costs. We can show you how insulation doesn't cost, it pays!